Top 10 Trading Story Podcasts in 2015

05 Jan, 2016 / By: Brandon Clay

Top 10 Trading Story Podcasts in 2015

After launching the podcast in April 2015, we had some great guests in our first year…but these were the most popular.

Top 10 Trading Story Episodes in 2015


Thanks to all the awesome guests and the audience members of the Trading Story audience, we finished the first year of the Trading Story podcast — though we still have 4 more months to make it a complete 12 months. We had some great interviews on our inaugural year and we’re so appreciative of all the traders who took time to add value to the trading community in 2015.

This is the round-up of the most downloaded episodes of the Trading Story podcast in 2015.



#10 – Episode 5
Former Contractor Mike Gould Trades Forex for a Living

Former construction company owner, Mike Gould, shares his best advice of what he has learned being a full-time trader. And how he trades the forex for double and triple digit annual returns on a regular basis. Mike’s forex training service can be found at


Jason Leavitt with Leavitt Brothers

#9 – Episode 31
Trend Trader Jason Leavitt Plays Stocks

Jason was our first stock trader on the program and it was a good one. He’s been trading for almost two decades through bear and bull markets and he has a great plug for trend trading. Jason’s plain-speaking approach was a welcome change to much of the hype in the industry. Jason’s stock picks can be found at


yvan-byeajee#8 – Episode 69
Zero to Hero Trader Yvan Byeajee

Yvan Byeajee started trading in 2007. He’s a full-time trader, has lived in France, Canada, and now is now on a 6-month visit to the Island of Mauritius off the coast of Madagascar. He wrote a couple of books, including ‘Zero to Hero: How I Went from Being a Losing Trader to a Consistently Profitable One“. Yvan blogs at


#7 – Episode 4alex-boyd
Alex Boyd & the 5-Minute Per Day Forex Method

Alex is the CFO at Poseidon FX, a currency trading service in the San Francisco Bay area. He earned his trading chops over at FXCM where he was a broker and relationship manager. He is a commodity trading advisor and a trader. It only took a year and a half for Alex to “make it” as a trader. He is a partner at


daniel-garnier#6 – Episode 67
Daniel Garnier: 21 & Profitably Trading Forex

Daniel Garnier started trading in 2012. He’s focused on the forex market and has been consistently profitable about a year ago. He’s 21 years old and is now broadcasting his Periscope on uploading trading videos on YouTube @DanielGarnier.


jarratt-davis#5 – Episode 17
Jarratt Davis on Day Trading the Forex with News

Jarrett Davis is a London-based forex trader. He’s been trading for about a decade, for his personal account and clients at SMILe Global Management. He also teaches other forex traders. Jarratt specializes in news-based forex trading and he’s making it available to forex traders interested in that style. Jarratt can be found over at


Jason Graystone - Business owner, forex trader

#4 – Episode 57
Jason Graystone on Being Down But Never Out of Trading Forex

Jason Graystone is a UK-based business owner and a recently profitable forex trader. He came from humble beginnings, became a successful business owner, and then caught the trading bug. Investing in various trading systems, he was down an estimated £30,000, before clawing his way back into the black and has been consistently profitable for nearly a year. Jason’s tweets can be found @J_Graystone


barry-burns#3 – Episode 55
Barry Burns on Coaching New Traders

Barry Burns is trader, a business owner, and podcaster. He’s the author of Trend Trading for Dummies. He runs a popular YouTube channel and a podcast also called Top Dog Trading. He holds a doctorate in hypnotherapy. It was a fascinating discussion with a great teacher and a nice guy. Barry can be found over at


akil-stokes#2 – Episode 35
Akil Stokes Trades FX & Coaches Track

When Akil Stokes is not trading forex as the chief currency analyst at Trade Empowered, he’s coaching track at Millersville University. We talked sports, forex, and trading – a helpful conversation whether or not you want to trade FX. Akil can be found over at


maverick-trading-jon-frohlich#1 – Episode 43
Jon Frohlich on Remote Prop Trading

Jon Frohlich is the head of operations and principal at Maverick Trading. He’s also the co-author of Maverick Trading: Professional Techniques to Create Generational Wealth. Jon is a full-time trader. Jon can be reached at