39 – Jeff Weber on Trading LEAPs Starting from the Korean DMZ

03 Aug, 2015 / By: Brandon Clay

Jeff Weber - JJJ Investing

Jeff Weber – JJJ Investing

Jeff Weber give us some insight on how he has been able to see great investment returns.

Jeff Weber started out his investing career learning an obscure stock trading strategy as a soldier in a run-down hotel 10 miles from the Korean DMZ. And for 30-years, he’s been trading that strategy with double-digit returns nearly every year since. It was a great discussion with a veteran investor.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Making money on LEAPS
  • Jeff’s very interesting Christmas start
  • AIM Investing
  • The Bear Strategy
  • In The Money Long Term LEAPS

From the Trader’s Story

“The beauty of this system is it’s always telling you the right thing to do: Buying when it’s low and selling when it’s high”

“LEAPs are quite volatile”

“Once a LEAP is into the money, it’s almost 100% rise”.

“If somebody wants to step outside the comfort zone and willing take a little risk, they’d run a better chance of making money”.

“I have great faith with the most terrible tragedy that a good company will rise from the ashes like the phoenix”.

Best Trading Advice

“Buy low, sell high”.

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Other Resources Mentioned by Trader

T.D. Ameritrade

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Favorite Trading Book


www.jjjinvesting.com (Free Investing Book)

There’s so much to glean from my discussion with Jeff Weber. But one thing that stands out is the everyman element in the story. Yes, Jeff is educated. Yes, Jeff is experienced in the markets. But he didn’t start out that way. In fact, he never became a full-time trader or financial analyst. He comes from humble roots, found a simple strategy, stuck with it for a couple generations and has been able to help his family have a comfortable life. The genuineness just shown through. And it was an honor to speak with Jeff. I really appreciate his time.

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