31 – Trend Trader Jason Leavitt Plays Stocks

06 Jul, 2015 / By: Brandon Clay

Jason Leavitt with Leavitt Brothers

Jason Leavitt with Leavitt Brothers

Jason Leavitt talks stock, trends and getting funding.

When most newer traders think about trading, they think about stock trading. That’s why I’m excited to bring to you a conversation with Jason Leavitt. Jason is our first stock trader on the program and it was a good one. He’s been trading for almost two decades through bear and bull markets and he has a great plug for trend trading.

Podcast Highlights

  • Trend trading stocks
  • The flexibility trading can put in your life
  • How micromanaging can make you your own worst enemy
  • Watching stock groups, not just individual stocks
  • You have to be good, duplicatable, and scalable, to get funded as a trader

From the Trader’s Story

“If I were to recommend a trading style or strategy, be a trend trader”.

“There is virtually unlimited money out there”.

“If you don’t use a stop, you’re forcing yourself to be this constant decision maker throughout the day”.

Best Trading Advice

Specialize, don’t drift around

Parting Advice

“Take it slow, build a foundation and it will pay dividends for the rest of your life”.

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