115: Joe Fairless On Growing A Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

12 Jun, 2017 / By: Brandon Clay

Joe Fairless: multi-family real estate investor, podcaster, who lives by the mantra “the secret to living is giving”.

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Joe Fairless is a real estate investor. Joe invests in multi-family real estate with his partners now but he used to work in a NYC ad agency as their youngest VP. Joe hosts the world’s longest running daily real estate podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show. Joe Fairless, welcome to the Trading Story podcast.



Final Thoughts on Joe Fairless Interview

We did it again – one more week of expecting something related to trading and you got to hear from another real estate investor. Not saying none of you guys can’t be great traders, but there are other options for you. And Joe Fairless highlighted another possible avenue for you: real estate investing in multi-family properties.

But regardless of whether you want to be a trader, a real estate investor, or something else, there is something to Joe’s mantra. I’ll let him tell it to you again…

“My personal mantra is: “the secret to living is giving”. I got that from Tony Robbins when he did a TED Talk. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend doing so. He’s a phenomenal story-teller and educator. And he mentions the secret to living is giving. I have that on my vision board and printed on my wall. That’s the approach I take. And it’s so obvious: you give one dollar and you get back ten in return. It might not be a direct cause and effect but over time it plays out time and time again.”

It’s really amazing what Joe Fairless has been able to do in a such a relatively short amount of time. He has grown a real estate investing portfolio that’s well north of $100 million dollars and he only started back in 2013 – a little over 4 years ago. He’s a regular guy except for one exception: he gives. He gives his audience a podcast episode for the past ~1,000 days. That’s a lot of giving. And he’s getting something back in return for his efforts. A very lucrative career in real estate investing. Kudos to you, Joe. Thanks for your time.

And thank you for your time listening to another non-Trading, Trading Story podcast. Some of you may be wondering if this will become a new habit – releasing more episodes. Sadly, probably not. But I thought I owed it to my audience to let you know what was going on and why I’m now sold on real estate investing over trading. If you’re not, that’s okay. Keep driving and something will stick and you’ll do better than me. I’d love to see all of you guys succeed at trading, real estate investing, or something else where we’re not working for the “man”.

Action Item: Keep Driving

The action item for this week is: keep driving.

There’s a reason you turned on this podcast and hopefully it’s to get a little inspiration in your quest for financial and location independence. You know it’s out there. Me too. I’ve achieved a bit of location-independence with my marketing business, though I just got on the road through real estate investing. I’m still going and you can too. Keep going guys – we’re not dead yet.

Until next time, all the best!

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  • Mestengo

    You flunked as a trader, so now you are pumping real estate. So after you flop at this will you move on to Herbalife, Amway, or just jump straight to Mary Kay?

    • http://tradingstory.com Brandon Clay

      Nothing to sell here, move along to an easier target, Mestengo.

      • Mestengo

        Easier target? Can’t imagine where to find one. How are you getting paid? You’ve provided a platform for several sketchy “traders”. Is this your scam? Soft ball question shilling for scamsters using the Texas good ole boy slow roll? Moving on into real estate makes sense. Who’s your next guest? Robert G Allen, Alex Jones? Either would probably give you an intern opportunity. You seem like a good fit.

        • Brandon Clay

          Funny guy. All the best, Mestengo!