114 – Rod Khleif on Losing $50 Million & Coming Back Stronger In Real Estate Investing

05 Jun, 2017 / By: Brandon Clay

Rod Khleif on his immigrant roots, winning big in real estate investing, losing $50 million, then coming back even stronger. And podcasting about it.

Rod Khleif - Trading Story
Rod Khleif is a 30+ year veteran real estate investor. He has owned over 2,000 single or multi-family units in his investing career. Rod is an an author, philanthropist and podcaster with over 1,000,000 downloads to his very popular podcast, The Lifetime Cashflow Podcast which can be found at RodKhleif.com.


Thanks again for keeping up with the Trading Story podcast. This is the first interview episode we’ve released in over 13 months. I mention that because you are probably still listening because you’re interested in trading. I get that. And here I threw you a curve ball last week and this week by interviewing a real estate investor.

Even if you have no interest  in real estate investing and you’re still 100% sold on trading, I think you can still get value from Rod Khleif’s story. And here’s one of those nuggets…

“80% of your success in anything is your psychology and  only 20% is the actual mechanics. You have to get your mind right. You have to make sure you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. You have to make sure you have clearly defined goals – that your reasons for those goals – your whys – are very powerful.”

Great advice from a guy who’s been there, done that, and is now teaching people how to do real estate investing. He says winning is much less about buying and selling and much more about the psychology of success. No doubt the mechanics matter a lot. But the other parts matter more. Thanks so much for the value you brought the Trading Story audience, Rod.

Thanks For Listening After A 13-Month Break

And thank you guys – every single one of you – who has re-found the Trading Story podcast. Wherever you are in your trading journey, you somehow think there’s some value you can gain from hearing these stories. I hope you found some value with Rod’s story.

As you can see, my head is into real estate investing right now. I’m thinking ahead and I think that real estate  investing is the better place for me for long term financial independence. I will leave that up to you if you head down that path.

As far as plans go to document that journey, I’m not planning to build another podcast. Podcasting is a busy endeavor, a very rewarding project, but personally I  don’t think  real estate investing podcast is the way for me to move forward. Thankfully there are a lot of excellent podcasts from people like Rod Khleif and our guest next week as well.

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Consider Real Estate Investing As Your Financial-Independence Engine

So for now, I ask you to just consider real estate investing instead of trading the markets. There’s a lot of ways to skin the REI cat. And maybe you can pick one that fits your lifestyle and budget. But regardless of what you decide, all I’m asking now is to look into it.

If you’re interested, checkout my latest web project: REINomad.com

Until next week, all the best!


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