112 – The Finalish Trading Story Podcast

14 Apr, 2016 / By: Brandon Clay

Wrapping up one year of podcasting about trading…and looking forward to the next chapter.

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  • Thanks for joining me.
  • Big announcement: This is the Finalish episode of the Trading Story podcast.
  • This is an ad lib episode with minimal notes.
  • This is a looking back & looking ahead podcast.

Looking Back

  • Launched the first 3 episodes of Trading Story podcast on 4/17/2015.
  • My goal: was for this to be the most inspiring and practical trading podcast out there for newer traders.
  • Helped in part by John Lee Dumas’ Podcaster’s Paradise & The Showrunner Podcast.
  • Released either 2 or 3 episodes every week for the past 51 weeks – this is the 52nd
  • My “success” goal for the podcast was to get to episode 100 as fast as reasonably possible and to also to become one of the top 5 trading podcasts in iTunes.
  • I also wanted to write a personal podcast every week – something that hasn’t happened for

about 1 month. But I made it for about 11 of the past 12 months.

Achievements in One Year of the Podcast

  • 112 episodes aimed to help newer and aspiring traders.
  • 175,906+ downloads.
  • 32,902+ visits to TradingStory.com.
  • Downloads from 162 countries.
  • Achieved a consistent ranking in the Top 100 Investing podcasts in iTunes (US-version).
  • Achieved a Top-10 ranking for ‘trading’ search in iTunes.
  • 110 5-star ratings on iTunes, 3 4-star ratings, 1, 2-star ratings in iTunes.
  • 96 customer reviews in iTunes.
  • Weekly syndication on Tradimo.com – thanks to Peter Balint & Sebastian Kuhnert.

All of this is possible because the awesome guests and the awesome listeners.

  • Guests who believed in this project.
  • Guests who didn’t believe in this project but just wanted to chat with some traders.
  • Audience members to Tweeted to me and emailed me.
  • Audience members who asked me questions.
  • Audience members who left ratings, reviews, and comments on the site.
  • Audience members who encouraged me – I appreciate all of you guys.
  • Thank you for downloading the podcast.

This is the Final(ish) episode of the podcast.

  • My One Thing is trading right now – see episode 106.
  • The podcast was good for me – as hopefully it was for you.
  • Opportunity to chat with awesome guests to understand how they became successful.
  • Opportunity to think through my learning process and tell you how I’m learning to trade.
  • Opportunity to interact with many traders: both developing traders and experienced traders.
  • Opportunity to break into a new industry where I had not found success before.
  • Opportunity to meet my two trading coaches: Mike Gould & Scott Barkley.

Looking Ahead

  • Planning to keep the podcast live on iTunes and TradingStory.com.
  • Planning to keep posting my personal trading results from my $500 live account.
  • Planning to ‘go dark’ in my trading: some people do well with a lot of interaction with people when they’re learning. I am finding that I do better with more alone time in my learning. So my interaction with others will be minimized in this learning process.
  • My goal is to chase that one rabbit at a time. For now: trading.
  • Since I started back trading one setup and one currency: I’ve made 250.1 pips this month – about 2 weeks into the month. No losers. This is the best two weeks I’ve had since January and it’s real money. Now I’m still in a hole ($70) and I know my losers are around the corner, but it’s been an encouraging couple of weeks. I think the power of focus has something to do with that success.
  • I say ‘Finalish’ episode because I want to leave a crack in the door open to return. I’m not planning on it now, but it is possible that I update you guys in the future about my trading journey.

Again, thank you guys for joining me on the first part of my restarted trading journey. It’s been great interacting with you all. I hope that this podcast was helpful in one small way to get you on the way to consistent profitability in the markets. And if not, then hopefully you’ll find another resource that can help you out. Thank you again for tuning in.

I wish you all well.

Closing Remarks: Mark 8:36

And I leave you with this. It may seem out of place, but it does have a place. Many of you guys who’ve listened to this podcast for a while know I’m a Christian. And I’m also an aspiring trader, something that others may have an issue with, but I’ve found peace with those two convictions and aspirations.

My hope is to be able to be a successful trader…but I think something Jesus said can help inform mine and your trading journey just a little more as we consider the path we’re on.

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36)

  • No matter how well you trade, it will be over one day.
  • No matter if you become the next Paul Tudor Jones or George Soros, it will end.
  • Maybe you want the fancy cars, fast women, and rock star lifestyle of a trader…it’s a fleeting existence.
  • Or perhaps you just want a comfortable life…that too will be over.

Christ’s rhetorical question to us today is a game-changer. Even if we gain the whole world through the “Holy Grail of Trading” – if we lose our soul – we lose everything. Because our soul is the most important aspect of our being. Trading is temporary. Success is transitory. Money is momentary.

But Your soul…my soul is eternal.

It has been a pleasure and I wish you all well.

Until next time, all the best!


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  • http://www.abetterwayofbusiness.com/ Ivan Bickett

    Brandon, I’m proud of you for making what seems to be the right decision. I’ve listened to numerous of your podcasts after coming across you on Twitter a month or two ago.
    Especially in the episodes where you discuss your trading results, it really sounded like you were struggling with trading. Plus, you have a family and a life outside of trading (including a job). That being the case, what you need is focused effort and time on what you actually want. If your goal was to have a profitable trading podcast and turn that into a business, then dive head long into the podcast business. But if it was and is, as you’ve said in your podcast, to become a profitable trader… you’re focusing a TON of efforts on the wrong thing. The podcast. Not trading.
    I’m in the same boat. I have a day job. A wife. Two kids under 6. My wife is getting her doctorate, while working full time. And I’d like to have a bit of life, too. But I intend on being a profitable trader. This requires effort. Time. Attention. Money. Desire. on and on and on. The only way I see this as being a real possibility is if I focus. Cut out things that aren’t adding value (like reading fantasy and sci fi books; playing video games; watching Netflix for hours). Many years back I was part of a podcast for a few months. To do it right, which I think you have done, requires a tremendous effort, time commitment, and brain commitment.
    To get what you want in life, you made a difficult decision; but a wise one. Remember daily why you trade and who you are ultimately trading for.
    Kudos to you, sir. And my God bless your efforts in the market.

  • http://tradingstory.com Brandon Clay

    Love it, Ivan! Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, quitting the podcast is the right decision for me at this point. Trading is hard. It’s even harder when you’re distracted with other things. Hoping this change will help propel me further. All the best to you and your efforts to trade. I think you’d agree the destination is worth the struggle.

  • Jerry

    Hi Brandon. I want to start by saying that I really like your podcast, have listened to all episodes. I agree with Ivan, that you are making the right decision. I’m at where you are now at trading. Started 3 years ago, a lot of youtube and google, being scammed a few times. But those who don’t give up get wiser. At that time I was all over the place, since I have many interests I wanted to do everything. That got me nowhere. A few months ago I decided to put all my hobbies aside and focus only on one thing, trading. I got laser focused on educating myself in trading, 3-4 hours everyday, at the minimum. So I understand the importance of focusing your time on the thing that will move you forward in life. I think to be successful in anything you need to do the things that others are not willing to do.
    Good luck Brandon and hope to hear from you someday when you have become consistently profitable.

  • http://tradingstory.com Brandon Clay

    Hey Jerry – thanks for the comment and the interest. Glad you got something out of the podcast! My hope is to be able to ‘make it’ and do a recap episode in the future. We will see how it goes – I think you guys deserve it if you’ve hung with me for so long. All the best on your trading journey as well – we can do it!

  • Marian

    Hi, from Romania, i have listened some of your episodes and you have done a great job. I will continue to listen to the episode i have not yet. I want to say that you have a great voice. (true talent). Do what makes you happy, this is what life is all about. Hope we will hear you again! Chears!

    • Brandon Clay

      Thanks, Marian. Hopefully the other podcasts are helpful to you as well. I’ll keep posting my results on the /results page for now since that’s the latest project. Have a great week!

  • Tim Aldous

    Brandon, I am so glad the end of Trading Story is not because you have given up on trading. It is unfortunate your podcast is over, but since it is because of your decision to focus on trading we will forgive you. Go for it man!

    • Brandon Clay

      Thanks, Tim! All the best on your trading journey as well!

  • http://www.xaviourstudios.com/ Xaviour

    Thanks for this fantastic resource, Brandon. I know I’m not the only one who has gained an amazing amount of great trading wisdom from you and your guests over this venture. I wish you all the best blessings in your trading and that you will reap the harvest you have sown into the growth of others.

    • Brandon Clay

      I’ll take the blessing, Xaviour. All the best on your trading journey as well.

  • Hugh Kimura

    Hey Brandon, I can totally relate, as I have done the same. In my opinion, are certainly making the right decision to focus on trading.

    I don’t know how I just found your podcast now…great stuff!

    • Brandon Clay

      Yo Hugh – thanks for the ping and thanks for the encouragement. I’m now ~3 months into my focus on trading. Still not there, but I’ve made much more progress than I would have otherwise. This month should be profitable on demo with my new prop firm. Hoping to start stringing together more winning days, weeks, and months. Have a great weekend!