108 – Trading FX with Joel Kruger

31 Mar, 2016 / By: Brandon Clay

Joel Kruger is an FX trader and the founder JKonFX.com. He’s been trading 10+ years and has come to specialize in global macro trading.  He has appeared on Bloomberg television and other financial networks. Joel’s website received top honors by FXStreet for “Best Buy Side Analysis” and “Best Video” in 2014.

Joel Kruger - Trading Story

Best Trading Advice

“Love your trade and be able to sleep at night.”

Podcast Highlights

  • Forex
  • The pillow test
  • Loving your trade
  • Trade your own strategy

From the Trader’s Story

“You’re going to do so much better spending time focusing on the things that you’re passionate about that get you excited than wasting time.”

“You’re going to fail and you’re supposed to fail. That’s part of the process.”

“Based on the way you are as a person, you need to adjust and work a strategy around that.”

Parting Advice

“You’re going to fail and you’re going to feel like crap and you’re going to blow up your account and you’re going to want to throw up, but that is a part of the process.”

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Favorite Trading Book

Reminiscence of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre


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Chatting with Joel Kruger, I had a renewed sense of purpose in my chosen endeavor. Like many of you, I’m aiming to make it as a full-time trader of sorts. It’s been a bumpy journey and I’ve had a tough go in the past couple months. But, I was reminded of why doing it when I spoke with Joel. And it wasn’t so much what he said during the interview. I’ll keep it respectful, but Joel shared some things that we didn’t record. Suffice to say, Joel is living out that trading dream. He splits his time between a  couple of cool locations, he has time to focus on a music hobby, and he loves hanging out with his wife and kids. If you check out his Twitter feed, you’ll see some of that. This is the sort of lifestyle that I’m aiming for – or something along those lines. I appreciate Joel reminding me of how this trading thing can work. At least, that’s my goal.

Thank you guys so much for hanging with me on the podcast. As you’re probably aware by now, this Thursday episode slot is NOT occupied with a personal podcast. For the next few weeks, we’re releasing interviews for this time slot. But don’t worry, I’ll be back with another personal podcast in April. Not much else to report except that I’m slowing down my real trading. I’m still trading micros in forex or FX, but I went back to slower currencies to get my bearings again. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for the ratings, reviews, and just being here on the podcast. Don’t forget, you will not make any progress unless you take consistent steps forward. That’s what I’m doing by falling off my proverbial horse in the markets and getting right back up again. So long as you don’t trade too big, you can live to trade another day. So keep it going. We can do this.

Until next time, all the best!

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