Trading Story Podcast – 1 Year Lookback

15 Apr, 2016 / By: Brandon Clay

Trading Story Podcast – 1 Year Lookback

One Year Later: Top-100 Investing Podcasts in iTunes (US), Top 10 Rank for ‘trading’ in iTunes, and thousands of happy (and smarter) newer traders.

iTunes Top 100 Investing Podcasts - Trading Story

It’s been one year since we launched the podcast. We’ve now released 112 episodes in the span of 52 weeks – this week was our 52nd – and final(ish) week of podcasting. It’s a great accomplishment for a humble podcast and it’s been a help to many newer and aspiring traders.

In the past year, the Trading Story podcast achieved…

  • 112 episodes aimed to help newer and aspiring traders.
  • 32,902 visits to
  • Downloads from 162 countries.
  • Achieved a consistent ranking in the Top 100 Investing podcasts in iTunes.
  • Achieved a Top-10 ranking for ‘trading’ search in iTunes.
  • 110 5-star ratings on iTunes, 3 4-star ratings, 1, 2-star ratings in iTunes.
  • 96 customer reviews in iTunes.
  • Weekly syndication on

Thank you all for all the shares, listens, and love for the Trading Story podcast. It would not have been possible without all the support.

Until next time, all the best!

  • Nicolas Paris

    I’ve listen from 1 to 47 so far, and planning to listen them all. BIG thank you for all these valuable content and make them accessible free. Nice work!

    • Brandon Clay

      Thanks, Nicolas! Glad to hear you found us and it’s been helpful. Have a good one!