Forex Winners Academy Personal Trading Results (Nov 2015)

08 Nov, 2015 / By: Brandon Clay

fwa-logoI re-started trading in September 2015 alongside my new forex trading coach. I used a swing-trading methodology with open trades lasting anywhere from a couple of hours to a few months, depending on what happens to the position. This record is a combination of both paper trades NOT entered into my trading platform and demo trades entered into my trading platform.

At this point, this page is a result of the first 2 months of demo/paper trading. I have paused trading this strategy to begin learning a different strategy with more potential return per month…

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#5 in iTunes for ‘Trading’ in the US

04 Nov, 2015 / By: Brandon Clay


Dear Awesome Trading Story Podcast Listeners,

As some of you guys may know, I’ve spent much of my career in digital marketing, specifically in search engine optimization (SEO): getting websites to rank organically in the search engines. iTunes is also a search engine of sorts.…

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