Top 20 ‘Investing’ Podcasts in iTunes – Canada

22 Dec, 2015 / By: Brandon Clay

Much love to our listeners in the ‘Great White North’. The Trading Story podcast broke into the top-20 ‘investing’ podcasts (if only for a moment) in iTunes Canada. Appreciate all the listeners bundled-up, learning how to become consistently profitable traders from some of the finest traders across the globe. It’s awesome to be sharing the row with Andrew Swanscott’s Better System Trader & Jim Cramer’s Mad Money.

Keep plugging guys – we can do this. You betcha!


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Black Box Thinking in Trading

30 Nov, 2015 / By: Brandon Clay

A few weeks ago, we reviewed Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge on the podcast and showed how it applied to trading. Matthew Syed has added fuel to the fire with his book Black Box Thinking. You can read the book or you can watch Brian Johnson’s takeaways. Though The Slight Edge and Black Box Thinking are helpful for all of life, these books and concepts are especially helpful when you’re learning to trade.

Watch, consider, implement.

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